Mission Statement


FITbum is more than just a brand of clothing. We believe everyone deserves to achieve maximal self-confidence because we know people deserve it, which why we came up with our mission statement: 


REINVENT: When you buy our fitness clothing, we want it to be synonymous with the start of a journey. Whether you’re simply choosing to switch out french fries for veggie sticks or planning out a comprehensive workout and diet plan, you're taking steps to become a different person; you’re taking steps to reinvent yourself. Regardless of the ups and downs of the outside world, we want to provide you every bit of solace we can by taking care of the most basic part of your workout: what you’ll be wearing. With solace comes a better workout - especially with the knowledge it was made specifically to benefit you - and with a better workout comes a better you.


REBUILD: With every stretch, pull, or pose you can rest assured that FITbum will always have you looking and feeling your best. Our athletic-enhancement apparel is meant to be put through the toughest workouts and eagerly ask for more. Rest assured that whether your workout involves indoor treadmilling or outdoor mountain climbing, FITBum will always strive to find the perfect balance between ergonomic designs and striking fashion. In turn, our goal is to have our consumers worry about one thing: achieving their goals in order to construct their physique to their highest fruition while looking and feeling their absolute best.


RE-LOVE: Whether you’re 100% confident in your body or you feel like you need a little work, be it an admirable glance in the mirror or a full photoshoot, FITBum’s most important goal revolves around self-care. Love yourself, you deserve it. No superficiality, just honest consumer care is what drives us to engineer athletic-enhancing apparel. Let us put in the hard work of making sure what you wear is the tippy-top of athletic tech blending with fashion, and we’ll leave the self-love up to you! Whether our clothes help you hit one more rep or a thousand-plus, our clothes are meant to help you accomplish any goals you set your mind to with ease. And with every PR, we hope you look back and your progress and love your goal-setting self that much more, you deserve more than anyone else!


Our hope is to create a fitness community that champions and promotes self-love. Despite any rain and thunderstorms that might roll over your way, we want to let you know that perseverance is not only possible, but to our company, encouraged. And regardless of any negative noise that might try to pollute your mindset, remember that the Fitbum community will always strive to grant you solace through positive headspace. #FITbum #weloveyou